E-learning course

In order to maximise the impact of these capacity building activities, the project has selected the method of e-learning course. E-learning allows the training of an increased number of people from all over Europe without any geographical restrictions. For this reason it allows the access to people facing barriers for geographical or physical reasons. For this reason, the online course is going to be addressed to professionals all over Europe. The themes on which the e-learning course is going to focus are the following:

1/ Common elements in Europe’s mythologies and connecting channels between mythological traditions

2/ The use of mythology as a tool in order to promote the sense of belonging in a common European space

3/ Theatre Representation of Mythology. Different perspectives on the basis of the partners’ experience

4/ Other modules that will come as the result of the project experience

The e-learning courses are going to be organised through the use of asynchronous learning (supported by a tutor) and “live” webinars. The courses are going to be organised in English.