Aeroplio-Topos Allou , theater, Greece

1/ Repertory theater for adults and children, Theater performances, large scale productions, activities and events

The aims of the organization is cultural, educational and social on a non profit base. More specifically:

2/ Synthesis and organization of theatre groups with actors, pedagogues and animators, in order to produce children performances, theatre activities, for cultural, artistic and educational reasons which will provide the aesthetical, critical skills and the sensitivity of the children and their fragile psychological world.

2/ Publications for the Children’s education and their development.

3/ Organization of cultural activities and events, such as lectures, congresses, tours, cultural exchanges, theatre productions, theatre games and activities, video productions in order to provide the theatre art and the quality of children’s theatre in Greece, European and , world wide

4/ Organization of every kind events, and activities, theatrical and not only in social and educational frame.