A performance based on the Legends of the Great Birth mythology of the European countries. The most significant mythologies on how the earth was born, how it all begun. Combined in one theater performance after a 2 year research. It is a Creative Europe-Heritage project and a colaboration of 6 European countries and 7 organizations. This is the Greek version.

Text and direction: Nikolas Kamtsis
Stage and costume design: Mika Panagou
Original music: Kostas Haritatos
Choreography: Elena Gerodimou
Lighting design: Giannis Zervas
Video and Video Editing: George Alexiou (NY)
Printing Material: Topos Arte

Lamprini Thanou
Nikos Karastergios
Giannis Zervas
Athina Chatziathanasiou
Anta Kkougia
Ttzouli Tsolka
Kostantinos Polizos
Christina Argyri