The Hindu Cosmogony

Before there was anything there were the primeval waters. These seas were vast and deep and dark; all that was, was Non Being. Over time, these waters produced a single golden egg, which floated over the waters for nine months.After nine months, the egg burst open, and there was Prajapati standing in its shell. Prajapati was neither male nor female, but an all-powerful combination of both. He rested there on the golden shell for almost a year without speak-ing or moving.After one year he broke his silence. The first word he spoke – the Word – became the earth. The next Word he uttered became the sky, which he divided into seasons.Prajapati could see forever; from the beginning of all life and even to his own death, which would be 1,000 years later.

Yet Prajapati was lonely and he desired a mate in this vast emptiness. He divided himself into two beings, a husband and a wife, and together they created the first gods, the elements and mankind. By these acts of creation, time was created; Prajapati became the embodiment of time itself. The first to be born was Agni, the God of Fire. Once there was fire, there was also light, which Prajapati separated into day and night. Other gods were born, including the evil Ashuras and beautiful Dawn. Prajapati was sure to separate good from evil, and hid his evil offspring deep into the earth.However, Prajapati desired his lovely daughter Dawn, and as she was on earth in the form of a doe, he came to her disguised as a stag.

She tried to flee but Prajapati was too fast and powerful. She later gave birth to all the cattle of the world.The other gods watched, filled with horror- Prajapati’s act was disgraceful, breaking the most profound taboo they could imagine.In anger they created the monstrous Rudra, who hunted Prajapati down all over the earth. When he found him, he shot him with an arrow and flung him into the dark sky.Thus Prajapati became the ‘Deer’s Head’ (Capricorn) constellation in the night sky. Dawn returned to the sky but never got too close to the night